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Our Services

The foundation for giving service to our consumers is formed by recycling, collection, organics, energy, landfills, professional services, and sustainability.

Waste Management

Domestic/municipal Waste Management, Recycling (Glass, Metal, Paper & Plastic), Waste Identification, Packaging, Labelling, Transportation...etc

General Contracting

Civil And Earthworks, Location Preparation, Specialised Fencing Work (Spiral & Chain Link), HDPE / RTR Piping Systems....etc

Industrial And Oilfield Services

Chemical Cleaning, Hydrojetting, Oil Storage Tank Desludging, Cleaning And Repairs, Shutdown Maintenance...etc

Water And Wastewater Treatment Services

Technical Consultancy, Desalination By Electrodialysis Reversal, Water Purification By Reverse Osmosis... etc

Environmental Protection And Pollution Control

Environmental Consultancy & Contracting, Environmental Impact & Risk Assessment, Engineered Landfill Design & Construction...etc

Effluent Control, Treatment And Disposal

Consultancy And Laboratory Services, Mobile/permanent Treatment Facilities, Sewage Treatment Units/plants....etc

Specialised Transport

Skip Containers, Vacuum Tankers And Sludge Pumps, Toxic & Hazardous Waste Transport Vehicles... etc

We’re so confident we can find the right solution for your  needs.